What Have We Done 4U Lately?

Workplace Justice

Notable Recent Victories

BUE within the maintenance group was being moved on a 90 day rotation to the second shift and then later on at the end of his scheduled rotation was told by supervision that he was going to be on that new shift permanently. AFGE got involved and assisted the BUE and worked with management to bring the BUE back to his desired shift without having to stay on that new shift permanently. 


BUE’s within Civil Engineering (CE) were being denied participation into the 4-10 compressed working schedules.  AFGE got involved and assisted the BUE’s by filing the proper paperwork and through the NGP (National Grievance procedure) were able to resolve the issue allowing the BUE’s full participation in the 4-10 compressed working schedules.


BUE within the Maintenance Group tested positive for the random drug screening process and within the process was proposed removal.  AFGE got involved and assisted the BUE with his response to the proposed removal and helped the BUE negotiate to a lower adversary action allowing the BUE to keep his job and continue his employment here at Edwards AFB.


Multiple BUE’s were given appraisal bonuses that were inaccurate and made on a mathematical error.  AFGE became involved and assisted the BUE’s to retrieving the correct bonus amounts and were giving the differences in their pay checks.


BUE within the Maintenance Group self identified to his supervision as a drug user. AFGE became involved and assisted management in getting the BUE the required assistance needed to overcome the addiction. AFGE over looked all last chance agreement paperwork to make sure BUE wasn’t signing any of the BUE’s rights away. AFGE had management rewrite paperwork to become in the best interest of the BUE and the Bargaining Unit.  


BUE’s all over Edwards AFB have been denied and frustrated by management for not filing the proper workman’s compensation paperwork out when a BUE gets injured on the job. AFGE becomes notified and assists the BUE’s in getting that paperwork filed out properly and also requiring supervision to follow up with the BUE. 


BUE within the Maintenance Group was being denied the proper working shoes by his direct supervision. AFGE got involved and assisted the BUE in getting the proper safety shoes and also worked with management on how to address safety shoes within their sections to prevent this issue from coming up again in the future.


Shops under construction going through major projects such as floor resurfacing, Air Conditioning and general remodels, AFGE makes sure the accommodations for the BUE’s are being met. Break rooms, restrooms and a good clean working environment are still achievable to complete the daily mission requirements for the BUE’s.


Multiple NAF BUE’s were being suspended and terminated for unsubstantiated claims that management was using CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) to investigate these claims. AFGE got involved and through the NGP (National Grievance Procedure) led to arbitration which resolved the issue that management cannot use the CCTV unless child abuse was suspected. 


Multiple BUE’s within the Civilian engineering (CE) organization were passed over for scheduled overtime on a scheduled overtime job. AFGE became involved and assisted those BUE’s through the NGP (National Grievance Procedure) and were able to get those BUE that were passed over the Overtime pay they were declined to get at first.

Agency wanted to move an AMU to Main Base. Union got involved and signed an agreement to move them into a renovated facility.


Agency realigning AMUs and reassigning BUEs due to loss of aircraft. Union got involved and signed an agreement to protect BUEs with seniority.


Agency refused to compensate BUE for worked overtime. Union got involved and the BUE got compensated.


Agency refused to take care of an injured BUE properly. Union got involved and the BUE got compensated.


Agency wanted to take adverse action against a BUE for attendance issues. Union got involved and the BUE got a lesser adversary action taken.


NAF agency was making changes to NAF BUE’s schedules without following the contract guidelines and procedures in regards to do so. AFGE was contacted and assisted the NAF BUE’s and through the NGP (National Grievance Procedures) were able to take the case to Arbitration. Arbitration Due to contract language was considered unsuccessful but has made NAF Management more aware of the contract procedures on how to make the necessary changes to the NAF BUE’s schedules.


NAF BUE was proposed a week long suspension without pay for a 1st time offense on s relative minor issue.  AFGE was contacted and assisted the BUE and through the NGP (National Grievance Procedures) were able to take this case to Arbitration. AFGE and the BUE are currently awaiting Arbitrators decision.    


A BUE was recently removed from his position and came to the Union for assistance. As a result he was reinstated and the agency was required to pay over $35,000 in back pay and legal fees.


A BUE was recently charged 6.5 hours leave without pay and written up for being AWOL.  The Union filed a grievance to restore the LWOP and make the BUE whole.   As a result he BUE was paid for the LWOP and all negative comments about the incident were removed from his 971.


A BUE was recently passed over for overtime in violation of the contract.   Due to his timely filing of a grievance within 20 days of the incident, the BUE was paid for the overtime he was not offered.


After the Union heard reports of workplace bullying, the Union did research on the effects that bullying and undue job stress have on employee health.  As a result, the Union recognized the need for an Anti-Bullying Policy.  The union took the lead and published our own anti-bullying policy and posted it on Union bulletin boards.  By acknowledging the existence of the problem and having the courage to expose it, You and Your Union have put the bullies on notice.  We are already seeing positive results due to the posting of our policy. 


These are just a few examples of the work You and Your Union are doing for BUEs.  If you need assistance from your Union call or visit the office or email any steward or officer


Part of being a member is helping each other and knowing that you are not alone in your quest for better working conditions.  Being a Union member is about concern for the benefits of other BUEs as much as it is about enjoying benefits for yourself.  As a Union member you have the satisfaction of making a positive difference in your workplace and in the lives of BUEs you may not even know. 
Your Union represents You, so don’t listen to the haters who badmouth Your Union, just send them to this webpage.  Negative and unsubstantiated public comments are not just unfair, they are also damaging to every member of the bargaining unit.  If you have a problem or criticism, please keep it professional and bring it to the Union office.  United we stand!