Week in Review May 2-6
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Public servants like you keep our country up and running!
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Through Times of Peace and War, Public Servants Continue to Serve

Through wars, recessions, natural disasters, and more, public servants have always been there to serve their communities and their country. This Public Service Recognition Week, AFGE salutes you and all that you do to make America great.

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Think There Should Be a Holiday Just for Working People? You’re in Luck.You may have missed it, but this month we celebrated International Workers Day. It’s a holiday for folks like us – working people who never had anything given to us, only earned through our own hard work. Years of struggle have made workplaces more safe and equitable – but the fight is far from over.

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Find a Window to AFGE’s Past This Labor History MonthIt’s been a long road to the 40-hour work week, paid sick leave, and a decent retirement. This Labor History Month, we look back on our past to see how AFGE has beaten the odds before, and forward to how we’ll do it again.

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VIDEO: How HUD Is Helping Families Feel at HomeWorking parents, elderly, and adults with disabilities all benefit from federal housing support. Take a look at this video to see how the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development helps save Boston families from homelessness.

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This Week in Labor HistoryMay 6, 1935 — The Works Progress Administration (WPA) is established at a cost of $4.8 billion (today, more than $80 billion) to provide work opportunities for millions during the Great Depression.
This Week’s TweetCollective bargaining remains working people’ best weapon to fix an out-of-balance economy. #MayDay #1uhttp://bit.ly/1QKsHHK — @jwjnational

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This Week’s Member BenefitReady for the beach? Take advantage of AFGE’s health club discounts this summer!

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